7 Best Restaurant POS Systems for 2021

7 Best Restaurant POS Systems for 2021

POS systems which are Merchant Solutions are used for restaurant systems which makes your earning 2 times more and ensures full security. To boost sales and collect cash, your small company needs a cash register. You’ll need a moment in time (POS) detailed summary of sales, maintain inventory, reports, and keep track of client information. It is difficult to know which POS system will be the best thing for your business if you’re shopping for your first one or upgrading to a newer one. We sought economical, Merchant solutions easy to install and use while evaluating over 100 POS systems to determine the best options for smaller companies. 

More than processing sales and collecting payments is what the greatest POS systems can do. With tools to help you evaluate sales figures, maintain inventory, connect with consumers, and organize workers, they find it simpler to run your entire organization. Email marketing, loyalty programs, and other capabilities that ease procedures and save time. The finest POS vendors offer reliable customer service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, help whenever you need it. Even if your business operates at odd hours or if you work overtime.

When comparing POS systems and applications, look for systems that offer the most flexibility, such as monthly software licenses, a variety of online payments, and connectivity with third-party POS hardware that you can buy upfront. 

Another essential feature of modern POS systems is their ability to support enhanced ordering and processing technology. The demand for contactless is increasing as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Clients want to pay for both food and merchandise solutions using contactless payments safely and securely, and many have indeed been upgraded to meet the need. Due to the epidemic, self-serve ordering is also becoming increasingly popular. Many POS systems include software to allow tablets and smartphones to be used as portable ordering terminals. 

1.  Square POS 

Square is a well-known name in quick restaurants, known for table service, counter service, bars & lounges, cafés, bakeries, and food carts. There are no monthly charges, sales monitoring by item, and availability 24 hours.

Square POS has a wide range of features. It includes robust menu management capabilities, including customized layouts and item grouping, to help make best sellers more readily available. Bulk additions allow us to easily update your menu with new variations or a large number of new meals. For example, a wide selection of third-party connectors may make delivery and pick-up a breeze. Furthermore, third-party systems for employee time monitoring and client bookings can be added.

Square also provides an easy table management option that allows you to click-and-drag tables to accommodate additional customers or rearrange tables to free up more room. You may also keep track of every seat in your restaurant to identify which ones are about to be turned and which ones have just sat down.

2.  Epos Now 

Epos isn’t as comprehensive as Block’s restaurant payment system, but it’s still a tempting choice that works well for larger establishments. A large number of third-party integrations, permissions for individual employees. Epos Now would be a wonderful fit for larger eateries. Nevertheless, it isn’t a one-trick pony, and it can easily equally Square in terms of functionality.

Epos Now’s well-thought-out employee management solutions make it ideal for larger businesses with a large staff. You can issue individual passcode pins to employees, for example, so that they can only access the portions of your POS that you have allowed them access to. As a result, you may keep new servers away from critical activities like business reporting until they’ve been educated and are ready.

Epos Now also includes a comprehensive inventory and supply management feature. You can keep track of everything you have in store, from full meals to specific items. It also lets user’s bulk import products, which comes in handy whether you’re just getting started or when you’ve received a large shipment. You can also divide your inventory into things to eat and start taking them.

3.  POS Toast

Toast POS is a full-featured point-of-sale system designed specifically for restaurants. All-important restaurant management features include precise inventory keeping, service and shift management, payment processing, a unique kitchen interface, and mobile modern payment processing capabilities.

Toast provides mobile POS, which allows workers to take their POS with them as they move throughout the venue. This is also created a customer-facing solution that allows customers to buy or pay with their iPhones at the table, making the transaction completely instantaneous.

Toast includes several third-party connections that allow it to access features it doesn’t have. These add-ons ensure you’re fully equipped to run and build your business, with tools for more exact foodservice bill payments, bookkeeping across sites, and more.

4.  ShopKeep

Another cellphone point-of-sale system targeting medium and small eateries is ShopKeep POS. ShopKeep accepts orders and processes payments at the tables, including digital payments, to reduce interaction.

The restaurant’s package from ShopKeep comprises crucial POS features for front-of-house and back-of-house management, as well as inventory tracking and support.

Two crucial front-of-house duties are check splitting and time clocking for hourly personnel. Spine functions encompass things like sales and consumer management. The collection includes raw material tracking and induced reorders.

5.  Square

  set of pos system features. Food vendors, cafes, music, and new restaurants will benefit greatly from Square for Business.

POS capabilities include menu control, inventory control, table management, and discounts, to name a few. A less common Square for restaurant function is an online platform that syncs with stock and allows curbside and contracted delivery.

6.  PayPal

PayPal is primarily an online payment service, and it also includes some basic point-of-sale functionality. While it has a limited feature set, it could be a good fit for new food services, as well as food carts, pop-ups, and some other mobile food businesses that will need to accept payments out and about.

PayPal Here allows you to enter orders and make sales, keep track of inventory, manage workers, and access basic advanced capabilities. Any feature that PayPal Here does not have naturally will almost certainly be given through a variety of third-party integrations.

7.  Clover

The point-of-sale system created exclusively for eateries is Clover POS. It manages orders, payments, and the front-of-house needs of medium-to-moderate eateries. In cafés, food trucks, or comprehensive businesses, Clover POS is ideal for customizing processes and relationships between the kitchens, bar, floor employees, and merchant solutions.