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Fraud Stinks, Chargebacks Disrupt Business.

If left unchecked, fraud and chargebacks will steal profits and threaten your business’s access to the card brands. Credit card brands have constantly changed rules. This can be difficult for any business operator that does not have a dedicated chargeback department to monitor changes in a timely manner. Your biggest risk is taking no action. Mitigation Services Provide our Merchant Solution Skill and Experience fraud detection.

Without professional help, these disputes can cost you additional penalty fees, and a lot of time dealing with the issues. Smart businesses proactively combat payment card fraud, prevent chargebacks before they happen, and fight chargebacks once they do.

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Our Fraud Detection solutions can help you boost revenue and prevent chargebacks by rating every transaction in real-time, using comprehensive machine learning, advanced analytics, and sector link analysis. Advantages for Merchants solutions make intelligent, customized fraud decisions using all of the data generated by business transactions.

A screen that offers you comprehensive and actionable insights about how fraud impacts payless merchant solutions. To improve the user experience and transaction flow while maintaining security. Adjust risk thresholds, adapt to the latest risks, minimize chargebacks, and accept additional operations with the help of our specialized and experienced portfolio managers. Since its beginning, the Payless merchant solutions industry is regarded as one of the most consistent and growing sectors of the economy. With advancements in technology and robotics, more firms are sprouting up to educate people about it and resolve issues related. However, as its popularity grows, so does the number of cybercrimes that surround it. 

The alleged fraud has increased by nearly 25%, making all legitimate companies in the technical support field appear at high risk to clients, credit or debit card processors, and banks. As a result, application conditions are more stringent. However, there is some good news: a few payment services can accept accounts like this. They can have your Payless merchant solutions support and operating in no time and with the right direction, laws, and risk mitigation services. This hesitation stems from widespread fraud and high chargeback rates. 

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According to Microsoft, 6 out of 10 customers were victims of tech support fraud in 2018. According to Microsoft’s study, pop-ups are the most popular tech help and IT strategy, followed by additional software and redirection. These figures are low, but not quite as high as the prior year. The number of funds and time lost as a result of these types of such attempts has decreased by 5 points since 2016. Sadly, this figure remains insanely high, and acquiring institutions regard it as a possible loss.

Chargebacks | Mitigation Services

It does not trade things, the industry has a chargeback ratio than merchant solutions sectors. Most companies are forced to comply with a specified 2%. Businesses exhibit chargebacks for several reasons, the most common of which are fraud or poor customer service. Divide the total of chargebacks initiated by the total number of transactions to get your percentage. Even if you fight and win the chargeback, this start counts in most circumstances. This means that businesses must shut down if they violate the accepted ratio. Mitigating your susceptibility to fraud and chargebacks is the only approach to secure your company’s performance against them.

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Mitigation Services Providing our merchant solution skills and experience fraud detection assesses to each client in milliseconds and provides a rating and suggestion based on evaluation of the customer’s fraud signals during the purchase. We recognize that every merchant solution is unique, as is the crime they face, we customize our fraud detection and machine-learning models to meet your needs. By allowing more payments, denying more fraudulent activity, and avoiding costly manual reviews, Fraud Detection helps you lower your total price of fraud and boost revenue.

Methods of Protection | Mitigation Solutions

You can significantly lower your risk score and uncover scammers before they can do anything with contemporary and versatile technologies. Here are five strategies for bolstering your defenses.

1.  Chargeback avoidance

Chargebacks are an event in the business world. Any consumer has the right to claim a refund for several reasons. A bank or supplier may impose fines on your firm if their share total payments surpasses the acceptable threshold. Chargebacks are prevented by providing more detailed descriptions of services and products on your site, creating a delivery system, and interacting with customers throughout the service delivery process (for example, via email or other means).

2.  Anti-fraud measures

Every year, modern crypto scammers come up with new techniques to defraud businesses and get critical client data. As a consequence, merchant protection services offer security solutions. They allow you to detect and prohibit illegal transactions at the earliest possible stage. Chargeback alert systems, for instance, almost promptly inform you of a chargeback request. As a result, if it comes from a scammer, you may halt the delivery of your things or take other measures to protect yourself.

3.  A dependable payment processor

All transactions should be secure, according to a supplier who offers a payment gateway. Client information card information, the password should be encrypted and protected from the internet while it travels through the gateway. Furthermore, the payment service is as straightforward as feasible for clients, and merchants should customize it to their individual needs.

4.  Adherence to safety regulations

Many security criteria are fulfilled to make sure the data of your merchant solutions are very well. For example, you must make sure you’re using the TLS cryptographic protocol, which ensures secure data transfer over the internet. In addition, your business must be Compliant, which means it must observe a set of 12 guidelines to safeguard the security of your customers’ financial data. Also, 3D secure technology has allowed you to detect and reject fraudulent activity immediately.

5.  Several different Merchant Accounts

Consider whether a provider of the services listed above allows a business to open several merchant accounts before making up your mind. If you make money from a variety of sources, it may well be essential. You’ll be able to distribute your income more equally and lower your risk by reducing the percentage of chargebacks.

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Chargebacks present a major problem for many merchants. A chargeback occurs when a dissatisfied customer contacts their credit card issuer to dispute a charge. For a customer who has been victimized by fraud, through identity theft and/or a stolen credit card, a chargeback is their fallback option. Customers can, however, personally dispute charges for other reasons; their order was not delivered on time, or they simply don’t recognize the merchant name on their credit card statement – known as friendly fraud.


No single security mechanism can protect against all possible fraud scenarios; which is why Payless uses a systematic, layered approach to secure all transaction data. We pool together best practices in both card-not-present transactions and high-risk industries, apply our in-depth knowledge of chargeback mitigation and fraud prevention, and design comprehensive solutions to address fraud and both sides of the chargeback issue – prevention and reversal.

3D Secure

3D Secure is an authentication program rolled out by the credit card companies. It is designed to protect online merchants from fraud. The solution sits between the shopping cart and the gateway, authenticating transactions on the backend using consumer data when transactions get authenticated by the program. Liability shifts from the merchant to the card issuer in the case of fraud.

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