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Payless Merchant Solutions can come up with a customized mobile processing solution just for your business. We offer mobile processing solutions with the same secure data transmission and fraud alerts as traditional processing options. We process payments only using the highest standard of technology and make sure that every single one of your payments is secure.

If your clients want to tap their phone, swipe their card, or dip a chip, we can make that happen. From major credit cards, signature debit cards, to mobile wallet systems like SamsungPay or ApplePay, we can set it all up for you to process from your mobile phone or other POS system.

What exactly is a mobile point of sale? | Mobile Processing Solutions

Food trucks, home and repair services, market sellers, and other mobile enterprises can use a mobile POS system to pay by credit card quickly and easily. A POS, or point-of-sale, is where a retail transaction and a POS system are the equipment that facilitates that transaction. While cash registers were once the only POS terminals available to business owners, all-in-one payment processing systems are becoming increasingly popular these days. These efficient systems apply to both the hardware that takes payments and the software that processes those payment methods including cash, checks, gift certificates, and all forms of credit and debit cards.

Apart from Mobile processing payments, the technology integrated into these POS systems allows users to manage other elements of their companies, such as inventory management, staff monitoring, sales data collection and reporting, consumer behavior data collection, and more. As a result, a mobile POS system is one that merchants can use on the go, whether it’s on their smartphones, iPods, laptops, or any other wireless device. Because mobile POS solutions are cloud-based, all information is immediately backed up in storage online. In many cases, mobile POS systems are simply one of the money transfer options provided by a POS system provider, in contrast to the business’s countertop solutions.

Overall, mobile POS systems are ideal for business operators that offer their goods or services outside of a brick-and-mortar location, whether farmers markets, art fairs, trade exhibits, customers’ houses, or simply if you want the flexibility to perform the checkout wherever within your store.

Choosing the best mobile point-of-sale system for your company

When looking for the best portable POS for your company, make sure it’s safe, simple to use, and economical.


PCI-compliant mPOS software allows businesses to handle encrypted payments such as chip cards and NFC payments like Apple. (Square also assists you in resolving complaints and charges no PCI-compliance fees.)


Look for a mobile POS system that is easy to be using and has an intuitive design so that workers can come up and running quickly.


You understand your spending on free POS systems is accessible before purchasing your portable POS. There may be other fees to consider in addition to manufacturing costs and the service charge for each credit card transaction.

An mPOS that gets along with everyone

Square’s mobile POS system works perfectly with third-party apps to help you handle merchant solutions for the whole company either on the move or in the office. With Xerox, you can simplify your accounting. Big Commerce makes e-commerce integration simple. If you need a bespoke mPOS, you may use our Point – Of – sale API to work with developers to make a solution tailored to your needs.

Process of Accepting Credit Cards on a Mobile Device

The tools are intuitive and guide customers through the procedure one step, depending on the supplier. They should make doing business simple.

How does it work?

  • Access your Pay Simple account instantly by logging into our secure app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Make just one payment or create a monthly plan
  • Accept one of the many easy payment options, including such credit or debit cards.
  • Charge your consumer quickly and easily with our mobile smartcard reader, or key in payment details and choose to utilize their stored payment information.
  • Manage company billing and payment duties from anywhere at any time.

Mean by “Mobile Payment Processing” in merchant solutions? | Mobile Processing

In terms of innovation, mobile processing comprises a variety of payment methods, such as:

· Mobile e-commerce:

Also known as m-Commerce, that’s when users use their cell phone’s web browser to make purchases on a website. It could be through a mobile app or a mobile-friendly copy of the website. However, given how prevalent mobile is, all online stores should incorporate mobile in their design right now.

· Mobile P2P:

Services like Venom and Google Wallet enable peer-to-peer payments. This is how you send money to your friends and family.

· Mobile credit card processing:

When individuals talk of mobile processing, they generally mean. Clients and customers can pay instantly with their credit/ debit card utilizing a mobile credit card machine as a point-of-sale system.

The Best Mobile Payment Apps | Mobile Processing

The following five POS systems are the finest payment processing systems for business owners that trade outside of a physical shop because of their ease of use and broad capabilities. That goes well beyond just processing payments.

· Square

Square enters our list of the best mobile payment solutions for reasons, including the fact that their software is completely free. Install the Square POS app on your Apple or Android device to enable payment processing on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Then, to physically accept those payments, you’ll need to purchase Square gear separately.

· Clover

Clover is a leading competitor of Square’s for their extensive, highly configurable POS solutions, but their two mobile payment solutions, Clover Go and Clover Flex earn them a spot on this list.

  • Clover Go is a compact Bluetooth-enabled gadget that lets Clover users accept magstripe, EMV, and NFC cards from their mobile devices.
  • Clover Flex is a one-of-a-kind mobile gadget with an interface that can take signatures, scan the barcode, and print invoices in addition to accepting all sorts of credit card bills.

Mobile point-of-sale is the best option for merchant solutions 

Food trucks, plumbers, landscape architects, local produce, mobile beauty services, electricians, movers, eyelash experts, art fairs, among others, all benefit from mobile POS systems. You already know what factors to examine while selecting the best mPOS for a merchant solutions company.a

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