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Zero cost processing means ZERO fees for accepting credit cards at your business. You keep 100% of your earnings with 0% lost to fees.

All names for an idea that is a paradigm change in the payment processing industry. Based on recent court rulings, Payless Merchant Solutions is legal and compliant in all 50 states and can save you up to 100% of your processing fees. ​ Spots for onboarding calls are getting booked fast.

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What Is Zero Cost Credit Card Processing?

What Is Credit Card Processing at No Cost?

The term “zero cost” or “zero-fee” credit card processing refers to the practice of transferring part or all of the costs associated with payment processing onto your consumers, effectively making payment processing “free”.
These expenses may be passed on in three ways by businesses:

When a business provides a discount to consumers who pay with cash, this is known as a cash discount. It is common at petrol stations, where credit card payments may result in higher per-gallon pricing than cash transactions.

Convenience fee: This is when a merchant charges a fee to consumers who wish to pay with a credit card at the time of purchase. The convenience charge is typically a set sum, independent of the value of the transaction or the goods purchased by the client.

Credit surcharging: When a merchant passes the credit card payment processing costs on to the consumer by including them in the transaction cost, this is known as credit surcharging. Many merchant account providers and payment processors, however, have rules against this. Customers are required to be informed about merchants’ fee policies by posting signs in their physical or online stores. Surcharge costs often amount to less than 5% of the entire transaction.

With a zero-fee credit card processing merchant account, you can avoid paying credit card processing costs. Customers who pay with a credit card also agree to pay the charge. When a client swipes their card, the terminal notifies them of the amount and gives them the option of accepting or rejecting it.

What You Should Know About Credit Card Processing at No Cost

Because of the increasing cost of credit card processing, businesses, particularly merchants who accept credit card transactions, lose a significant portion of their net earnings. There are now new programs authorized by a federal court in the United States to assist a company with its processing costs and enable it to have larger profit margins, where credit card users now bear credit card fees. This new method is known as Zero Cost Credit Card Processing, and it has two different methods.

Model with Surcharge

The Surcharge Model is designed for companies and organizations that take card payments online or via a central office. This model adheres to all bankcard legislation that a federal court has authorized. The company must register with a major credit brand and adhere to all signs and notice regulations to be accommodating.

This method is known as the Zero Cost Credit, and it is legal in 42 states, including New York. A company may use the Zero Cost Credit to handle a surcharge fee electronically while also receiving the required equipment, training, and support at no additional cost.

Model of Cash Discount

The Cash Discount Model is the second method, and it is suitable for businesses that usually take credit card transactions in person. This Zero Fee Cash Discount program is legal in all 50 states, and it makes use of a unique POS terminal with integrated software that enables automatic card processing operations.

The Zero Charge Cash Discount Model assumes that all of your prices will be paid by check, cash, or ACH, meaning that the sale fee will be electronically from your chosen checking account. Businesses do not need to register with a credit card company if they use this service. However, the procedures for notice and signage must still be fulfilled.

The following are some examples of businesses that may benefit from combining the two methods.

These sectors may continue to utilize debit cards for payment transactions even if they use new payment methods to save money regularly. After all, many customers still choose to pay using a debit card to avoid making extra monthly payments.

These innovative methods or payment solutions provide merchants and owners with another way to save costs without sacrificing the quality of their services and goods. Aside from these new options, debit cards are another method to save money every month. When a client uses a debit card to pay for a transaction, both the merchant and the customer save money since there is no extra surcharge or monthly fee. Some conventional customers choose to pay using a debit card as well.

If you’re a merchant, using any of these payment methods will almost surely boost your income while lowering your monthly expenses. Choosing the best option is entirely dependent on your company’s demands as well as your personal preferences.

What is the procedure of no-fee credit card processing?

What if all credit card and debit card transactions your business handled were free? The cost of processing each activity is passed on to the client in a service or convenience charge by our credit card processing solution.

It’s excellent for government organizations, towns, counties, states, and judicial systems, but it may use in any sector, including retail.

Although this service is accessible nearly everywhere, a few states have made it exclusive to their govt. We can assist you with this, but please note that No Cost Credit Card Processing is only available in a few areas.

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How It Works

  • 1

    At checkout, the customer taps the dip or swipes card into the terminal. They will be prompted to confirm the amount with the processing fee applied.

  • 2

    The purchaser accepts the transaction amount and the 4% fee.

  • 3

    The 4% that the customer pays covers the merchant's credit card processing fees.

Or A Discount Is Applied When Paying With Cash:

Receipt with Zero Cost Processing Fee

Same Receipt with Cash Discount Applied

Why Payless?

Our Technology Calculates the Fee
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Here’s the Secret:

In the last few years, the federal government ruled that merchants can recover payment processing fees by offering a cash discount. The Durbin Amendment, part of the Dodd-Frank law opened the door for merchants to pass the processing fee to the customer. The secret is, that this is not a surcharge. Zero Cost Processing offers those who pay by cash, a discount.

Gas stations and governmental agencies have been using Zero Cost Processing for many years. Now, with Payless Merchant Solutions, it is available for all business types.

Zero Cost Processing is forever the future of accepting payments. For decades, processing companies have offered you a way to reduce your fees. Payless Merchant Solutions offers a solution to completely eliminate your fees.

Now, for the first time in over 50 years, it is possible to bring your merchant processing fees to zero dollars.

Take a Look at our Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Zero Cost Processing compliant in my state?

 Yes, it is in every country. Every merchant credit card processing company is bound by a contract, therefore you must be aware of your provider’s conditions. Let’s say you don’t follow the rules. In that instance, your supplier will ban you from accepting credit card payments from customers, thereby depriving your company of a crucial cash stream. A complaint can be made by writing a letter or sending an email to Complaint Registration Form can also be used to file a complaint.

Does it work with all payment types?

Payless merchant solutions only accept cash,  so make sure the company you’re dealing with accepts your customers’ preferred payment methods. Payless merchant solutions allow customers to pay every month, which allows you to budget for credit card processing fees. If this isn’t an option, see if there’s anything else that could result in surprise charges on your bill.

Do I have to notify my customers?

Zero cost refers to a payment processing system that allows businesses to process credit card payments without incurring fees. Once the consumer swipes their card, the terminal will notify their fee and give them the option to accept or use another payment method. It’s that simple: you get 100% of the sale after the customer pays the fee.

What does Cash Discount mean?

A cash discount is an incentive given by a seller to a client who pays an invoice on time. Cash discounts are seller incentives that reduce the amount owed to the customer by a percentage of the total bill or a set amount.

Will customers dislike paying the fee?

Credit Card Processing Fees are levied as a cost of facilitating the secure transfer of funds from a customer’s account to a merchant’s account at payless merchant solutions. The customer’s charges are set at 4% or less as a premium for the merchant’s no-cost credit card processing.

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